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The King is Dead. Long Live the King: Kulaks, Stay Alert!

(The Remnant Blog, February 6, 2023.)

Historians discussing Christian monarchical thought have for some time identified the importance of the concept of the King’s “two bodies”. One of these is the literal corporal body of the particular living monarch; the other is his body in the sense of its being the physical core of the social order and the common good that the King is responsible for protecting. The first body dies; the second cannot—-if the people that he served is to survive. Ceremonially, the reality of the King’s “two bodies” was symbolized by the dirge played by musicians processing to mourn the deceased ruler at his funeral, which then changed into a triumphal march celebrating the life of the new monarch and the fact that the common good would continue to be upheld. The king, in that second sense, can never die.

Two “Kings”—in the form of two imperial systems whose leadership was much more absolute than that of any exercised by a Louis XIV of the past—-have died in the lifetime of many of us. One passed away in the years between 1989 and 1991 when the Soviet Bloc fell apart, causing many people in the West to celebrate the New World Order that would now be built up everywhere on the basis of the “victorious” American imperial model. Vain and monstrous dream! Alexander Solzhenitsyn already knew before the fall of the Eastern Empire that the sun was also rapidly setting on its Western counterpart. And we have indeed lived to see the death of the second “King”, the American “King” as well.

Yes, the Constitution, along with the “three branches” of the federal government and the fifty states, are still there, just as Romulus Augustulus was still there in 476. Nevertheless, they are all in turmoil, their words and decisions ignored, contested, and spat upon, with much of the population aware that its federal and many of its state leaders are absolutely determined to destroy it.

Yes, the current Biden Administration is as arrogant and pompous and arbitrary in its actions as can possibly be, but anyone with eyes to see knows that it, in and of itself, does not rule the United States. It is as much a puppet of criminal barbarians ranging from security apparatchiks to international ideologues and plutocrats as the later Western Roman Emperors as a whole were---with the one bizarre exception being that in its dotage it can still blow up the entire globe. The American “King” is dead, but like a corpse that continues reflexively to jolt out with an already deceased limb, remains capable of mindlessly triggering Armageddon.

White supremacists did not kill this King. It killed itself and was condemned to do so from birth. Death was not ordained by its constitutional machinery as such, which, like any form of government at any particular time in history can work very well but also eventually lose its ability to do so. Its death was fated by its vain belief that its written documents alone could protect its “King’s Body” from Original Sin and the wiles of the Devil. Alas, the fated doom of the “King’s Constitutional Body” was sealed by the spirit possessing it: the spirit of John Locke’s individualism and the accompanying vision of Pluralism that shaped the music that its ideological educational and media Pied Pipers have played to soothe it on its long, “nice and easy does it” journey to the abyss into which it has now fallen.

Remnant readers who are familiar with my position should realize that I cannot briefly discuss what I mean by Pluralism and the “Americanist Faith” with which it was historically promoted in the United States; a Faith that has falsely presented itself as something Christian and classical in character; “the last, best hope of Mankind” (with that final word, ironically, one that it would vomit out of its mouth today).

Suffice it to say the following to make the point that this short piece is intended to underline. As my dear friend, Professor Danilo Castellano, has repeatedly said when asked to describe the problem of John Locke: “He reduces everything to the individual and then destroys the individual”. There is no real body politic for Locke; only individuals. These individuals are driven by sensual experiences. Natural Law for him amounts to one natural right: the right of individuals to create themselves as persons by responding to these sensual needs. Hence, Justice Anthony Kennedy’s famous statement: "At the heart of liberty is the right to define one's own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.” Pluralism is this “right” writ large, supposedly for everyone, the price to pay being the rejection of all “divisive” guidance of society by any Revelation, Philosophy, teaching of the True, the Good, the Beautiful, and historical example that the sovereign person, creating himself as a man, a woman, or a thing simply does not feel like taking seriously.

Look around you friends. Anyone with eyes to see can now see fully what this means in practice. It means the enshrinement of the right to Original Sin as the foundation of individual, social, and political life; the service of Satan as “the last, best, hope of Mankind”. Perhaps this is not quite the correct expression to use, given the general evil of the system, but, “to add insult to injury”, Locke’s spirit could never allow “everyone” to exercise his right to self-damnation. It has always been a recipe for the Triumph of the Will; a recipe allowing the strongest wills to dominate under a “nice story” regarding the progress of liberty through history, designed to convince the weaker among us to give up any and all Faith and Reason and Grace to rejoice in the fact that we have never been freer and happier since Adam ate the apple. Locke and Pluralism have always served the interests of an oligarchy and have been meant to serve the interests of an oligarchy.

Hence the subtitle of my article, “Kulaks Stay Alert!” In the spiritual, intellectual, historical, social void left by Pluralism literally any oligarchical tyranny can manifest itself, including those just recently discredited, like Marxism. Several days ago, a seemingly Marxist enthusiast, one of our would-be oligarchs eager to take over due to the death of the two “King’ Bodies”, writing in Pope Francis’ favorite Italian newspaper, La Repubblica, resurrected Bolshevik terminology in order to announce the fate of the agricultural slaves revolting against the dictate of “The Masters of Them That Know” in order that they can survive and eat something other than bug farina in the Beatific Green European Paradise. He called them “kulaks”, the term for the wealthier farmers in nascent Soviet Russia. The kulaks were butchered. The farmers of Italy should be butchered. Good riddance to bad productive trash. Long live Creation without man, the Gnostic dream!

Quite frankly, I do not believe that any “orthodox” Marxist oligarchy will come to power once again. What Satan has inspired among the powers that be of our global elite who dictate what our Romulus Augustuli do is much more diabolically nihilist than Marxist in character. I would urge those of you who might wish to understand what I think is happening to listen to a talk that I gave to the Arlington Latin Mass Society on this subject this past December (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yHwQhTf2JU).

Our danger is is a complex criminal oligarchy, the Triumph of whose Will is now working to perform the burial rites for the American “King’s Body”, whose flesh has received its last dagger since 2021. This criminal oligarchy is criminally insane in a fourfold manner: intellectually criminally insane in its Baconian, technological, transhumanist, posthumanist, plutocratic and, indeed admittedly also Marxist madness as well; criminal in the normal sense of ordinary delinquency but on a superhuman level given its riches, its technological power, and its unfathomable sexual perversions; criminal in its sophist destruction of all education and all sources of information; criminal in its commitment to building an ugliness around us that makes it seem as though there is no hope of seeing a signpost to the Beautiful ever again. More and more people are awakening to the fact that this oligarchy considers us who are against them and their organs in the United Nations, the EU, the Biden Administration, the WHO, the WEF, and their emporium at Davos as kulaks all, all destined for purge and elimination; for death on the dung heap of history.

The historical Soviet “King’s Body”, which never served the common good, is dead in the form that we knew it, with Marxism coming back only in bizarre union with an equally absurd naturalist liberal mega-capitalism. The historical American “King’s Body”, which was not in spirit dedicated to the common good, is also dead. Nothing will bring it back again, and we should not long to have this “last, best, hope of Mankind”, rooted in turning carte blanche for Original Sin into the foundations of political order, return. We can sing a respectful dirge for whatever value it may accidentally have had, and accidentally obey it the way we obey prelates whenever they accidentally serve the True Faith.

But where is the King for whom we can turn the dirge into a triumphal march? It certainly is not the nihilist, globalist, criminal oligarchy, which has no interest in working for the common good, has no idea where to find it, and which would execrate it if it did as an obstacle to the Triumph of its Will. Besides, its members hate one another and will ultimately kill one another if they do not commit suicide first. Nevertheless, the horror that they can cause for the rest of us in the process is terrifying.

Kulaks of the world unite!

There is obviously only one King whose reign can and must begin, and for whose lengthy life we must cheer—-and know that it will last forever. The criminal horde is all too aware that the kulaks are beginning to sicken of their Pied Piper dirge and that many of them, especially among the young, want to hear the triumphal music for this sole possible living King instead. Hence the chief focus of all of their rage on us, the seemingly helpless remnants of the servants of the coming King: Christ the King. Let the dead bury the dead. Let the old dirge die. Obey what can be obeyed, hope for a first change through the choice of an “interregnum” in November leading to a serious commitment to the true common good. Live for battle under the Vexilla regis, no matter how long the establishment of the reign of Christ may take.

The King is dead. Long live the King! Viva Cristo Re!

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