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Letters From Hell V:

The Real Medical Problem: The Voting Power of the Lobotomites

(The Remnant website, September 28, 2020.)

“How can I answer that question? I am a political scientist, not a medical doctor. You need to consult a psychiatrist”. This was the response that the Austrian scholar Erik von Luehneldt-Leddihn (1909-1999) gave to students at Georgetown University in the 1930s when they asked him what he thought about modern American democracy. I always could see what he meant, although much more poignantly today.

Our political system does need medical help, but not that coming from physicians driven either by ideology or financial self-interest and intent on destroying it through terrorizing the entire population regarding the threat of nothing more than a bad flu. It needs “soul doctors” ready to stress the duty of the brain dead members of the Lobotomy Party to report to an urgent care unit offering Faith and Reason to treat their highly contagious ailment; “soul doctors” ready to dissuade Lobotomites from exercising their unfortunate right to vote for candidates who will finish off the American body politic immediately, once and for all.

A recent online Remnant article addressing this psychotic medical problem accurately identified another of its aspects: its esoteric, cultic character. My Lobotomite neighbors should build a Golden Calf in the center of the square in front of my apartment where I have been writing these installments of Letters From Hell. The idol would represent the virus, whose unfathomable power they worship in fear and trembling until the Savior arrives in the form of the longed-for vaccine that will reward them for their devotion by liquidating their immune systems and the rest of their bodies to boot.

Fool that I am, I have sometimes hoped for signs of rebellion in their ranks. Surely, I thought, they must have noticed that governors throughout the country have not mandated the universal mask wearing that the puppet “leader” of the their Party demanded at the Lobotomite Convention. We should now have had around 200,000 of the 400,000 extra deaths Biden insisted that the Golden Calf would claim by November if these governors did not act forcefully in consequence. Where are the bodies? There are none to be found next to the homeless encampments---with the lowest rates of Covid infection---in this once lovely section of New York, rapidly crumbling around me like a badly cooked pastry under the ruthless tyranny of a Machiavellian governor and a Marxist mayor. Are they in your neighborhood? I dare so no.

But the psychotic, esoteric, cultic, medical ailment of these living dead Lobotomites spews out answers for everything. As they venerate their fetish through the donning of their liturgical diapers, the maintenance of social distance from, and the chanting of the verses of the Sacred Narrative, they arrogantly and unquestioningly repeat the ever more preposterous lies and imaginary tales of viral terror that keep the high priests of the Golden Calf in business.

Forget about my demanding that the Lobotomites locate the 200,000 missing corpses; many of them claim that seven million Americans have been butchered through the awesome power of the Idol, and that the massacre will continue unabated until the coming of the Needle. Forget about winning them over to the view that the victory of the man of empathy would only help Cuomo and de Blasio complete the Sack of New York. “We’d be safe from criminals”--- one of the choristers of the Golden Calf chanted here a few days ago------“if Trump had not brought in the disease and the lockdown in the first place. Thank goodness Biden will re-fund the cops”.

My jaw has dropped so much in the last few weeks that I cannot shut it any longer. The Lobotomites are even ready to praise Cuomo and de Blasio for bestowing upon restaurant and café owners the grace of re-opening the interiors of their tottering establishments at a 25% occupancy capacity which cannot arrest their march towards inevitable bankruptcy; and this at the price both of installing expensive new air systems as well as taking a record of all clients’ temperatures, addresses, phone numbers, recent movements, thoughts, and sacramental confessions for the purpose of contact tracing. If Biden did re-fund the police it would only be to have one officer stationed at each table to issue summonses for all those taking too long to chew, and giving de Blasio and Cuomo the excuse to raise the taxes on any restaurant whose owner still can make enough to buy a crust of bread.

Pray for the Lobotomites; Place Your “Hope” in the Terrorists

Most of my neighbors will not remove their diapers and shake hands with one another until being promised by blood oath that no one will ever die again. In the meantime, they have helped to bring about the Unconditional Surrender of philosophical Realism. Nominalism has triumphed. Words and facts have no fixed meaning for them at all anymore. Our only direct means of treating this kind of mental illness, with the goal of freedom from the spell of the Golden Calf and the pharmaceutical Promised One, is through fasting and prayer on the Lobotomites’ behalf.

On the other hand, a more immediate hope for prevention of the systemic spread of this contagion---a “hope” of an admittedly negative sort---lies with the demonic terrorists responsible for the conversion of such hapless victims to the Covid Cult in the first place. That ironic hope emerges from the fact that these revolutionary Sons of Satan are not united by anything other than their commitment to a diabolical concept of freedom and a passion for a Final Solution to the Catholic Question. Like all self-interested enemies of the True, the Good, and the Beautiful, they are brothers only in their common, mindless, materialist willfulness. They are ready to crush one another to get to the finish line in that war against God and Creation that they each intend to win in their own particular and exclusive way. For from the very beginning of the modern era, as participants in the work of demonic wreckage themselves have recognized, the tendency has been for “the Revolution to devour its own”. Some general comments about this peculiar---although from our standpoint strangely hopeful---form of cannibalism, along with a few specific illustrations from the revolutionary years of 1794 and 1848, are now in order.

The Lessons of 1794 and 1848

Modern, naturalist Enlightenment inspired revolutions may seem chaotic to the point of incomprehensibility to someone only looking at the surface events, but they actually play out in a manner that is completely logical and predictable. This is particularly clear from the time of the outburst in France in 1789 onwards. There are two regular stages in their development.

First comes the “love feast”, where all of the revolutionaries involved seem to be working peacefully together, with the more moderate representatives in charge of the supposedly unquestionable, infallible, peaceful movement away from darkness towards the light. Discord threatens from the fact that the underlying ground rules of this fraternal march towards the Earthly Paradise are always radical in character, a truth that is hidden by the insistence of the moderates---the “Liberals”---that nothing awful could possibly happen so long as they in their unfathomable wisdom are mounting the watch.

“Liberalism”, as a Spanish priest once accurately noted, “is a sin”, and for precisely this two-fold reason. On the one hand, it accepts the underlying radical principle, which always ultimately is rooted in a faith-backed acceptance of a concept of freedom adulating fallen nature. On the other, in seeking to domesticate and muzzle this false freedom, Liberalism shelters that rabid beast until it grows to full strength and either devours its oh so prudent master---or passes on its sickness to him in turn. But since the ways in which a freedom liberated from the laws of God and nature can manifest itself are Legion, it is not just one rabid beast the Liberal has to contend with, but many, and these are engaged in a war of all against all among themselves as well as jointly versus their moderate mentor. The results are macabre at best, and sadistically bloody at worst.

France went through an ever more threateningly divisive “moderate” revolutionary stage from 1789-1791/1792. This then turned very nasty from 1792-1794, with the radicals eventually officially proclaiming a bloody Reign of Terror. That was designed to usher in a Republic of pure virtue where every tear would be wiped away for good from the face of anyone recognized as being truly human; i.e. those accepting the Revolution. Then the cannibalism began. Radicals turned against other Radicals not expressing their Radicalism in the proper Radical way. In the revolutionary month of Germinal in the early Spring of 1794, two factions of quite contradictory Radicals led by Jacques Hébert and Georges Danton were guillotined by a third Radical force more disciplined and organized in the use of its will to power, headed by Maximilian Robespierre and Louis-Antoine Saint Just.

“The Springtime of the Peoples” was how the Revolutions of 1848 were characterized in the first few infatuating months of their spread, beginning in January. All the different nations of Europe taking part in it---the Italian States, France, the German lands, and others invited to join them in their love feast---were now said to be coming to maturity in freedom and fraternal union, both internally as well as internationally. Illustration after illustration showed the masses of the continent marching in unison to the approaching, eternal, earthly rapture, jolly beyond imagination, this time even including representatives of religious forces and classes that the Reign of Terror had worked mightily to eliminate in the earlier outburst in France. Once again, Liberals dominated the honeymoon at the outset, but when the springtime of 1848 literally did arrive the Radicals were as busy as fanatic beavers, ripping the rehabilitated religious and class enemies away from the fraternal embrace, and stirring up the multifaceted war of the more logical extremists against the moderates, and the wild men against each other once again with fully predictable fury.

Germinal fell in the old calendar in March and April. By July and August---the “hot month” of Thermidor under the revolutionary dispensation---almost everyone in France had had it with these bloody antics, and the third Radical faction, whose gobbling up of it former comrades had barely been digested by it, was devoured by its opponents in turn. Counterrevolutionary vengeance was now at least temporarily exacted upon the culprits in general. And what about 1848? The Springtime of Peoples had begun to resemble winter even before summer set in, from the response to the radicalism of the so-called “June Days” in France onwards. Counterrevolutionary enemies of the seemingly irresistible revolutionary Happening were once again in charge almost everywhere by 1849.

Will We Have Our Thermidor and June Days?

Anyone remember Tom Lehrer’s satirical song “National Brotherhood Week”? I won’t recite the verses, but you can look it up for yourselves on the Internet. It comically recounts how each American group hates the others in an environment supposedly made unum out of pluribus. If only he would come out of retirement to produce another ditty with our current Sons of Satan as the target! After all, do you really think they wish one another well? Yes, these dear ones share the same basis commitment to naturalist “freedom”. But once again they share it in different ways and hate one another’s guts in consequence. They would be happy to chomp away at their enemies come the first opportunity to barbeque them alive.

Biden, Pelosi, and Cuomo are cynical, hypocritical, liberal frauds. They really cannot stand de Blasio, who is a Marxist ideologue, like the BLM foundresses, who have already been convinced by their more moderate allies to tame down their web site in a way that I am certain they would be eager to avenge by roasting them on a spit should power fall into their grip. Rich lesbians may share the same sexual proclivities as the Marxist BLM foundresses, but have no intention to share their wealth with them. Fauci wants his cut from Gates’ poisonous vaccine, but what else it might it be that that weasel is after I cannot quite determine; maybe lessons at tossing baseballs from the dough he makes by destroying his victims’ immune systems.

Gates’ name reminds of the characters attending the various Wannsee Conferences where the Final Solution to the Catholic Question has been elaborated, such as the World Economic Forum at Davos or Soros’ Open Society Foundations. Do you think any of the participants at these events would buy a used car from any of the others? Look at who attends such carnivals, whose precincts are only barred to truly believing Christians. The Vatican sends heretical functionaries to these witches Sabbaths to share “Ideas” with fanatics ranging from mystic rappers who preach utopia through obscenities, to trans-and-post-humanists longing to shed their human flesh to gain the strength of lions and eagles’ wings, to environmentalists who hate people much more than they cherish God’s lovable nature, to international financiers with not a thought in their head other than destroying small businesses, contesting the title of the world’s most revolting capitalist pig with the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, and keeping the common riffraff fixed as serfs, toiling for their mega-enterprises, blocked from possessing even modest property, from giving birth to “excess” children, and prevented from passing national ports to other lands lest they infect them with a virus from which they do not suffer.

Yes, they are all united in the primary negative goal of bringing about the destruction of the Roman Catholic Church as the greatest Enemy of (what should I call it now?) Thingkind. But I cannot believe they honestly and truly can keep their mouths shut tight regarding what they really think counts most positively to achieve the Great Global Reset. They are bound to say what they actually feel when they pull off their diapers at intimate, Covid-defying cocktail parties in ways that will leak out to their demonic, revolutionary allies. And herein lies our hope for the miracle of 1794 and 1848 taking place anew. Covid-19 revolutionaries of the world, heat up your charcoal! Let the barbeque begin! Too many cooks spoil the Great Global Reset!

If----and I admit that it is an “if”, but one with historical precedents for coming true---if our divided enemies do indeed begin their cannibalistic blood games, perhaps stirred to doing so at the prodding of President Trump, we will indeed have our Thermidor and our June Days, beginning on November 3rd. But it is necessary to conclude on a note of warning. Those previous reactions were problematic, in ways that mirror our own continuing and serious internal divisions. We must temporarily lay these divisions aside for the sake of first demolishing the existing Golden Calf, obliterating faith in the pharmaceutical Savior to come, and even possibly curing the Lobotomites of their seemingly terminal brain disease. But we cannot, in the long-term, ignore these real divisions lest the reaction against our enemies merely stun but not destroy them, as happened in 1794 and 1848. We will explore the question of these divisions, their temporary avoidance, and the unavoidable need for tackling them head on in the next installment of Letters From Hell, using the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939 as a superb example of what it is that we are facing.

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