Writings by Dr. John C. Rao

Letters From Hell IV: The Final Solution to “The Catholic Question”

(The Remnant, September 30, 2020.)

The Lobotomy Party, Militant Ignorance, and the Sacred Narrative

Demons began hosting dreadful virtual shindigs in our contemporary living hell last March. Their purpose was to complete the whole modern project of annihilating supernatural and natural wisdom by totally lobotomizing the men and women they somehow enticed to enter into their “dens”---television studios and the pages of major daily newspapers---while their victims remained physically present in their own homes. So successful were these devils that the people partaking of the mess of pottage offered them privately “went public”, becoming a monomaniacal mob of terrorized automatons ready to enforce the will of its puppet masters; a Lobotomy Party dedicated to sharing the gift of brain death with everyone still stubbornly compos mentis.

Membership in this party requires unceasing repetition of its bizarre platform, a “Sacred Narrative” making the militantly ignorant claim that the official response to the crisis bringing the United States to its knees today is eminently rational, scientific, and honestly aimed at taming the Wuhan Flu. That Sacred Narrative is comprised of a collection of puzzling and often completely contradictory statements jumbled together even more ridiculously than the lines of Ionesco’s masterpiece of Theater of the Absurd, The Bald Soprano.

Exposing the Mindlessness of the Sacred Narrative Through a Past Fraud

The utter mindlessness that the Sacred Narrative reflects especially impresses itself upon me when I try to imagine the Lobotomy Party’s brain dead spokesmen attempting to defend its ex cathedra pronouncements before the doctoral examiners that I had to face at Oxford University in 1977. Allow me to make a detour more than four decades back in time to depict such an encounter, by putting myself in the place of one of these charlatans. I believe such a project to be highly useful as an apologetic tool in this crucial pre-election period should any of us find that we are in a tug-of-war with Lobotomy Party activists for the mind and soul of a still salvageable friend or neighbor.

My doctoral dissertation concerned the genesis and interpretation of the Syllabus of Errors (1864) of Blessed Pius IX (1846-1878). Gaining a proper understanding of that subject required my researching the contemporary Italian national unification movement, the so-called Risorgimento. This movement was bitterly hostile both to the anti-Enlightenment and counterrevolutionary Syllabus as well as to the papal ruler of Rome authorizing it---a man whose realm also happened to stand in the way of completion of the dream of a powerful, secularist, unified Kingdom of Italy.

If I had not been as fortunate as I was in having as my research director a truly rational and demanding historian as opposed to lobotomizing media demons, backed by medical, corporate, and political thugs, perhaps I would have approached my examiners at that time as the supporters of The Lobotomy Party would do now, chanting them a sacred narrative rather than enunciating a rational argument. Maybe I would have offered a judgment on the relationship of the Risorgimento to the Syllabus and Pius IX similar to their robot-like defense of the global crime against humanity hawked by the multinational demonic “firm” represented locally by Fauci, CNN, Cuomo, & Company as the sole sane means of calming a particularly bad flu. That defense is entirely rooted in the Protestant principle of sola fides---“faith and faith alone”. Following its example---and it is the same as that offered by all totally irrational, anti-natural “fideists” throughout history----I would have pressed my viewpoint with the sublimely arrogant assurance of the devout followers of each and every golden calf. I would have twittered to my learned judges one disjointed Bald Soprano phrase after another in a way that all Remnant readers could readily relate to the current blather of the Sacred Narrative. In short, I would have said the following:

The leaders of the Risorgimento were intelligent, altruistic, freedom fighters seeking only to respond to the suffering Italian population’s longing for liberation from its horribly diseased society, ruled over, as it was, by oppressive, reactionary, and obscurantist forces. How could these leaders not have been good and wise? They personally and repeatedly assured us that they were! There is no way they could have gained the positions and influence that they did unless they were incredibly gifted men, dedicated solely to the common good. That’s the way people have always made it to the top! Naturally, I ignored the arguments of Pius IX, his supporters, and the Syllabus. What would have been the point considering them and questioning the obvious truth already obtained from the wise men of the age? Time would have been wasted on useless “works” based on ignorance and slander of the best of all possible leaders and principles. Admittedly, the blindfold that I was wearing to avoid contagion from wicked sources while doing my research prevented my seeing any opposing evidence anyway. No matter. Know ye the Truth and the Truth shall set ye free. That’s what I say! I have believed the Masters of Them That Know. I have memorized the Sacred Narrative. As Oxford dons, you cannot help but accept the infallible teaching in contains. Shall I recite its sublime message to you again ad infinitum? Amen.

A Rational Response to Militant Ignorance: “Get Out!”

The result of this appalling performance would have been my being laughed out of the examination room as a shameless mental incompetent, and my never having got my doctorate at all. My examiners would have chastised me for blindly repeating the judgments of the purely natural authorities of the existing powers-that-be at face value, and refusing to open my mind and use my own Reason. They would have excoriated me for ignoring the many factors that motivate people, promote them to high places, and create the public policies they pursue---evil as well as good, self-interested as well as charitable, stupid or hopelessly confused as well as intelligent and prudent, hidden and criminal in intent as well as open and legal. They would have buried me under a heap of dung for neglecting that exploration of all angles relating to a given subject under investigation that precisely constitutes solid research techniques and the scientific method in general. And, finally, they would have raked me over the coals for failing to see that the Risorgimento cover story was one, big, and all too obvious fraud.

Any competent researcher could have uncovered the gross swindle in question, but both of my examiners, scholars that they were, had written books on the subject, with one of them, Denis Mack Smith, even having been rewarded by the Republic of Italy for his labor. They were aware that the supposed “liberators of the Italian People” were actually a cabal of wealthy and power hungry northerners from the Kingdom of Sardinia who had no interest in the problems of the rest of the peninsula and the majority of its population. They knew that this elite had pressed Sardinia into an unnecessary war against Russia in the Crimea so that---as Prime Minister Cavour said---“with a few thousand dead soldiers” it could assure the help of its allies, England and France, for its own self-interested cause. They were conscious of the fact that the vast bulk of the Italian population had no interest in being “liberated”, and that it was forced to express its non-existent love for this liberation in rigged plebiscites---once the unnecessary and unjust wars fomented on fabricated grounds bringing it to fruition were over. They documented the revolts of large numbers of southern Italians who soon realized the harm that this northern rich men’s unification was causing them, and saw that when these rebellions were brutally crushed and the continued lamentations of the downtrodden peasants were cynically ignored, that millions of them “voted with their feet”, emigrating to North and South America to escape the oppressive consequences of Risorgimento “freedom”.

The fraud that my examiners did not know---or perhaps did not personally want to admit that they knew---I was able to uncover for them (in my real defense) through my own research. This was two-fold in character: on the one hand, the open admission on the part of the “liberators” that the “freedom of religion” they were ready to offer the Catholic Church was only that of being an obedient slave, voluntarily accepting anti-Christian Enlightenment ideas and putting them into practice; and, on the other, that the censure of the Syllabus and its supporters as enemies of all things bright and beautiful was actually the suppression of a brilliant critique of the unchanging revolutionary con game and its mendacious Sacred Narrative; one that is entirely applicable to the demonic reality and deceitful cover story of our own times.

330 Million Blindfolds

Alas, the key to learning the truth about any issue of importance, past or present, involves opening eyes to the available evidence, opening minds to rational thought, and opening mouths to make both obvious as well as hidden hoaxes known to the world at large. But the mouths of the members of the Lobotomy Party are covered with muzzles and their minds befuddled by the Sacred Narrative. Yes, their eyes are also already shut tight to the open book of reality as well. Still, it does behoove the present senile leader of the Party to confirm this existing closure symbolically, by demanding that 330 million Americans don blindfolds to complement their humiliating face diapers. Only then can they solemnly ratify their commitment to militant ignorance and their voluntary self-enslavement to the terrorist manipulators of the lobotomizing farce of our current day living hell.

Open Covenants, Openly Arrived At, Openly and Ignorantly Denied

What is the truth behind the Sacred Narrative that the choristers of the Lobotomy Party are too engaged in mindlessly chanting to work to uncover? It is one that is much more open and much easier to come to know than anything regarding the Italian Risorgimento. The truth is that the supposed “response to the Wuhan Flu” is really all about the Final Solution to “The Catholic Question”.

What, exactly, is “The Catholic Question”? It is the problem presented to the Enemy of Mankind and all of his minions by the faithful carrying out of the redemptive work of the Incarnate Word through the Mystical Body of Christ; a redemptive work that treats every individual, every social authority, and every natural force on earth as something to be cherished, corrected of its sinful flaws, and transformed into a means of praising God in this life and living eternally with Him in the next.

Satan and his servants abhor nature in general and the rich diversity of its particular component parts in particular, along with the Creator responsible for their existence and ultimate destiny. These forces of darkness have worked unceasingly to destroy the consequences of the Incarnation throughout Christian History. They smell a chance for a final solution to “The Catholic Question”---the total annihilation of the Law of God and Nature---in our own wretched time. And they have spelled out their projects and their goals in open covenants, openly arrived at, at a myriad of public “Wannsee Conferences” that have been going on for years for anyone with eyes to see to examine and judge and even---at the cost of a fat chunk of change---to check out in person.

It is not my task to enumerate these forces and gatherings here. Others have done this job admirably and much better already, with Remnant Television’s recent video on the Davos Conference being one of many excellent guides to learning the identity and the game plan of these enemies of God, man, and everything that is true, good, and beautiful in the diversity of created nature. Besides, you know the people and groups that I am talking about already anyway.

My concern in this Letter From Hell is, once again, the militant ignorance of the rank and file of the Lobotomy Party, which dismisses the evidence presented by the culprits themselves as the “conspiracy theories” of madmen. The Lobotomy Party would deny the existence of Jack the Ripper while he was slicing the throats of all its members, one by one, with the last to go under the knife proclaiming his innocence the loudest of all. And yet the lobotomized have watched all the many films exposing the secret plots of evil corporations---pharmaceutical companies very much included---and shaken their heads over the failure of people to stop them alongside the best of us. They even pat themselves on the back, convinced that that they personally would never have been fooled by such criminals! Presumably, many of the lobotomized have had to watch videos on corporate security questions like the ones my university recently sent me, which outline in grim detail the way in which conspiratorial pirates target individuals and groups through their computers to shape their minds and behavior to promote their nefarious piratical goals. What can possibly explain their militant ignorance with respect to the open conspiracy before us today other than a mass form of diabolical possession? Once again, “those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad”.

Members of the Lobotomy Party may be pathetic victims of a widespread bewitchment. Even Biden might be a pitiable senile puppet. Still, the movers and shakers behind the globe’s innumerable public Wannsee Conferences know what they want. They are demonic terrorists plain and simple. They are, once again, perpetrators of crimes against humanity that cry out to heaven for a new set of Nuremberg Trials to avenge. Whether there is any chance for such criminal proceedings to take place depends in the first instance upon what happens in the United States this November. The terrorist demons will do everything in their power to keep the population in the state of panic until that time, and the Lobotomy Party will unquestioningly aid them.

But God may have something else in mind. Next time, let us begin to talk about what might actually stop them.

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